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Welcome to the site of DreAmbition

This is the place where dreams and ambition are woven together. DreAmbition is the new online community with positive vibes for people who pursue their dreams and ambitions. Exactly now. Come here for a new source of inspiration and information about lifestyle, dreams and ambition. Every month you can read new blogs and discuss along at the forum. Coming soon are tips and tricks about education and career.

DreAmbition motivates people to follow their own path in their own way. Go explore the site, return regularly for peace and quiet, and enrichment of body and mind. Create a balance that suits you. Use what you need and pass on to others what you can give. Dare to dream, dare to follow your ambitions: make your own DreAmbition.

Instead of saying "much luck", we wish for you to create much luck.

Team DreAmbition


It is not enough to have more or even to know more, but to live more, and if we want to live more we must love more. Love is "the treasure hidden in a field," and this field is our own soul. Here the treasure is found for which the wise merchant "went and sold all he had". And contrary to the law of matter where to give more means to have less, in the law of love the more one gives the more one has.

Juan Mascaro, Introduction to 'The Bhagavad Gita'