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Not So Obvious Daily Life

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Spirituality & Meditation

Driven by fear of rejection and need for acceptance, we navigate our life course. We may have the talents and potentials to do many things, but what goals are truly important to us and which ones rather for others?  Through my own abilities I could try to acquire a so-called high position, and yet I do not want it, because it is not what I need.

For me, happiness does not equal a certain status. For me, it is the knowledge that nature will still be there everyday, no matter what my life looks like. I can grab my bike and race through the park, sniff the greenery and fresh air. Make a beach walk in the evening. Look at all those little animals around me. Daily, I can see how they have to work for survival for most of their time. I have the luxury of not having to work endlessly, or to worry about sufficient food. There is a running shower, a warm bed, and a roof over my head. The opportunities of becoming anything I would want to be in reasonable safety are far from infinite, but nevertheless extraordinary unknown. So many people in this incomprehensible world will never have a chance to say this. How often do those who do, take a moment to realise this?

Often we tend to think about the future: “If this happens, I will finally be able to do that.” Often we also want more, which is not necessarily better. Sometimes you can experience more intensely by going through the depths of your feelings than by trying to reach with your senses for what ‘should’ be outside us. For me joy is contentment in the here and now. By the realisation that so many opportunities lie hidden in every simple thing, despite precisely anywhere else where this is not the case, so I understand  there is plenty to discover, to love, to unfold… It seems almost frightening to imagine that sometimes happiness can be this simple and can exist without a fight…


Happiness is the highest level of success.

Geluk is het hoogste niveau van succes.