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Chef Cook Cupid VS Ravin!

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Love & Relationships

This time no cliché of love stories. Sometimes you get so tired of it. Having to have the patience, the same romantic en idyllic dream visions. No not now, although maybe so. At least this is no standard love story.

What keeps us on track? The knowledge of what true happiness is. We have tasted that delicious pastry of happiness and burn of desire to experience more. We know in our heart that it exists, but mistake ourselves at what it is, mistake ourselves often how it fits in our life. Happiness starts with yourself. It is not so strange as I thought. Apparently people know it, but it is so much easier to share the happiness of another. To go with it. Sometimes because then you do not have to look at yourself. Maybe because you do not have any good dishes yourself yet. Sharing happiness is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Just like cooking for another. Because what is happiness if you cannot share it?

I have tasted happiness, what love is, pure love. Maybe I have tasted my own happiness partially, but just like a dish it is the right ingredients, the right combination, the right preparation and so also the right touch that turn the dish into perfection. Like chef cook Cupid came by and careless took a dump on my tongue. Damn you Cupid! Show some subtlety! Still I cannot be angry at him. Because of him I met you. I cannot say that you stole my heart, I gave it to you on a silver plate. But for now I take it back, to protect it. I will keep it in the fridge for now. Chef cook Cupid, for now you do not have to come by. When you knock on the door I will say “I’m not here!”

Life is not at all from what I thought it to be when I was little. A small kid lying in his bed, every night thinking about what he would do later, achieve, thinking about what he had done today, if he is on the right track. Not doubting but shaving. Like a sculpture chipping a piece of rock away, but also sometimes adding pieces with clay. Nowadays he has a more general attitude towards life, but focuses himself specifically also. He meets challenges, knows that these challenges make sure that when he achieves them, he will know what it’s worth has been. Like also the “vault”. Ambrosia is what I tasted. I know what is in it. We made it. It is frightening. It is not of this world, this wicked world. Full of pain, sorrow and hatred. A source of light of pure strength, warmth, peace and yes most of all… love. Maybe that is why the Ancient Gods were so jealous of us mortals. Maybe also in our inner battles, a reflection of the world which we live in. We as products of this world. We are the consequence of our world and each of us together give our mark back on the world. The World is angry and so are we. We battle. Am I then a rebel who turns against his own people? Am I the outcast which does not accept anything because it is “supposed” to be that way? At least I do not want to battle you.

Call me soft, call me weak, but if push comes to shove, I survive and I am closer to myself than ever. Is that not strength? When do you still know yourself? I get to know myself each day over and over again. I rediscover my own strength every day. Sometimes fearful of losing myself, but reassured when I return to myself. Whatever happens. There is my base and from there I will continue. With my powerful and less powerful sides. Do not be mistaken, you cannot always say something is strength. It depends on the situation, on the time. Whatever the case I always give strength to it. No matter the situation and time.

I live with my heart and my mind. Why does everyone always act like they are two different things. “You have to listen to your heart” or “you have to listen to your mind”. Then what is emotional wisdom? Listen to that, the best of both two worlds which in the first place were one to start with.

Man consists out of different parts, but they are designed in a way that they only work correctly, when you let them. Go figure. When you try to stop one, you will feel a conflict emerging in yourself. We do not listen to ourselves. Not completely honest. Honesty starts with yourself and is a condition before you can be honest to others. Honesty is also a condition for reaching intense happiness, developing a deeper kind of love. When we are honest we acknowledge that which is. When we are honest we listen to ourselves and react to it. When we are honest to ourselves, then the first step is made to a deeper kind of love. Chef Cook Cupid then can finally use his finest ingredients to once again create that heavenly ambrosia and bring you into ecstasy.




RavenRaven is 27 years old. At the age of 26 he started several projects under the name of his company Sky Enterprises. He thought it was time in this time of darkness to give the people a source of enlightment, motivation and inspiration.

Besides leading the projects, Raven also writes blogs himself, usually about life: "Ever since I was little I was a busy thinker about life, with deep philosophical thoughts. It's fun to see how your way of thinking changes over time, to go about it consciously."

"My goal is to make people aware about how they live and to stimulate them to enrich themselves and further develop themselves."

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Cause change and lead; accept change and survive; resist change and die.

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