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Emotions, the Assumed Weakness

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Emotions are as old as mankind itself and everyone has them. Maybe it is because of that why we see emotions as something primitive, where we should get ourselves over. Still the emotions guide us and also make us feel pain at crucial moments.

Emotion is an understanding which none of u can live without. From the moment we are born, we experience them. We start with the simplest forms like happiness, angry and fear, but soon discover and learn more advanced emotions like jealousy, sympathy, despair, euphoria etc. In these times emotions are often seen as a weakness. Still it is from these emotions we get our humanity. When you block your emotions that blocking come forth from another emotion like fear. We cannot escape it, everyone feels. Even if a person says he or she does not feel anything. Even with a depression we feel emotions. Negative emotions in the sense you try to hide yourself, you feel down, invisible, insignificant and all of these things come from emotion.

This society teaches us that our emotions are a weakness. When we open up to others we can get hurt. Let me tell you right now that when you dare to live, you will always get hurt. You will always get hurt, it matters who hurts you and how you cope with it. Who is worth it? It is logic that when someone is close to you, you will get hurt faster, because your expectations will be higher. Pain should be made known to the other, especially when not caused intentionally. It is up to the person hurt how to deal with this. Do not live with hatred for it will make you a bitter person. Eventually your emotions will turn against you like a confrontation.

Does it not strike you that even in our daily lives, e.g. our work, but also in commercials there is more and more attention for spiritual and mental rest and health improvement? Where we can give our feelings a free run by means of for example meditation and we know how to regulate our feelings? In Asia they have evolved a lot further on this area of mental en spiritual rest, as it is a standard part of daily routine in companies. Here in Europe they tend to discover more and more that when focused on these aspects, there are a lot less people getting ill and as a result the productivity increases. A small investment when you weigh out the two against each other.

Emotions are our strength. I dare to say that with conviction. A statement you will not hear very often. From anger we get our strength to stand up for others. A way to show that we do not accept people being treated without respect, as ourselves. From love we get motivation to make someone else feel better and to stimulate each other and support each other going through live. I emphasize each other, because often it is a one way traffic. Maybe in this case the love for the self is too great, or there might be a fear to stand on the person’s own legs. However out of fear we can push someone away from is. But it can also help realize what we are doing, what is at stake. Emotions have a positive and negative side as any other aspect of live. It is all about how you deal with your emotions. Do not be mistaken, you cannot deny them, you cannot truly block them, you can only mask them. By not being true about your own feelings, you cheat the other in front of you. Eventually you cheat yourself too. It is a bad thing to fool someone else, but it is even worse to fool yourself.

Honesty is something people have difficulty with. Sometimes because of the confrontation that can have negative results. Then what is the alternative? Hide the feeling? One who knows how to direct their emotions, to use it in a balanced way, is wise. Feelings are a way of our soul to announce what it needs and what bothers it right now. By not listening to it, the soul will try to find another way to express it. For example by stress, another emotion not so easily blocked or by other physical complaints. By not listening to this, you are selling yourself short. Sometimes we cannot completely express ourselves but resourceful as man is, there is always a possibility to still give shape to that form. For example by means of sports as a way to vent aggressiveness or art to express complex emotions. Sometimes talking with a good friend is sufficient.

Nowadays more and more women expect men not to show any emotions. Nowadays more and more women tend to not show any emotions. Where does this come from? Emancipation? In that case they have passed their station. In any case the idea of not showing emotions, is to not show it in front of erachter. But if you cannot show it to each other, then to whom can you show it? By not showing them, by holding it in, you make yourself ill, mentally and physically. I support the idea of expressing yourself and to show understanding. Understanding something is not something that can be claimed, but only something that can happen. There is a difference between understanding something and the emotions around it. One can understand something, but still be emotionally burdened by it and act from these emotions.

My message which I wish to give you all, be understanding towards each other. Especially be honest and respectful. Treat your fellow human being as you would like to be treated. If you do not, the day will come you will meet someone even worse then you. Why? Because your character would be that difficult, that only such a person would be able to handle it. After that people tend to search someone who treats them really well, until those people tend to return to their old habits. How do we break this vicious circle? Balance. Balancing between how you are, how you would like to be treated and how you are treating people. When you treat people bad, you will get this in return. When you treat people well, you will get this in return.

As we grow older, we find out that we need to take a good look at ourselves and do more self-reflecting. Often we tend to look at another and by doing this we do not look at ourselves, moving away from responsibility. Taking responsibility goes with adulthood and is the first step in working at yourself. Maybe we do not want to take this responsibility because then we would see something we do not like, because we will give in that we are wrong. Still it is important to do this to develop the own person further. Only when we know ourselves well, we van consciously treat people good for the long run.

Learn who you are. Find the strength in your emotions and do not let anyone make you crazy by saying that it is a weakness. One who understands the true strength of emotions, will get a lot further in life, perhaps also endure more pain, but at the same time be able to endure more pain. It is not pain alone. The opposite what comes with it, is that the same person will also enjoy life more and will value it a lot more. Plain said this person will experience a lot more happiness. What kind of person are you? Take the time to know yourself. You will be living with yourself for the rest of your life. Think well about who you want to be and how you wish to be. Not because of others, maybe because of the persons you care for, but first for your own value as a human being, for yourself.

Respect yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself, motivate yourself. First find happiness in yourself. Only then you will be able to share it. Allow your emotions, let them give you strength. Know when to act and when not to. When you lose your way then listen to your soul and your heart. They are the most honest to you and always speak first. Do not ignore them for they are here only for you.

Emotions often are an assumed weakness. In my vision, they are often a hidden strength.




RavenRaven is 27 years old. At the age of 26 he started several projects under the name of his company Sky Enterprises. He thought it was time in this time of darkness to give the people a source of enlightment, motivation and inspiration.

Besides leading the projects, Raven also writes blogs himself, usually about life: "Ever since I was little I was a busy thinker about life, with deep philosophical thoughts. It's fun to see how your way of thinking changes over time, to go about it consciously."

"My goal is to make people aware about how they live and to stimulate them to enrich themselves and further develop themselves."

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It doesn't matter if the whole world believes in you, if you don't. So why care if no one does when only you need to believe in yourself?

Het maakt niet uit of de hele wereld in je gelooft, wanneer jij dat niet doet. Waarom zou je je dan druk maken wanneer je alleen in jezelf hoeft te geloven?

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