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Motivation. Difficult? Or not?

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Everyone has encounters with this at moments. Motivation. Today I had to deal with it myself. I had a job interview in which they also asked for my motivation. This is an example of a goal for which you can motivate yourself.

What is motivation actually? When I was thinking about the meaning of motivation I came to a simple conclusion. To summarize it (in one word) motivation means WHY. Why do you do things? So basically motivation is the reason you do certain things. What is your incentive!

An example of a mainstream problem according to motivation is to start and put things up. Take sports and quitting smoking for example. Often people find it difficult to motivate themselves. For these people there are the New Year's resolutions. This is a moment in which it seems easier to motivate yourself because it is a new year and a new start. Often at New Year's Eve people are together and there is a feeling of unanimity. In this group there are some who want to do certain things and because of the unity they can motivate each other. A few years ago I had a similar moment. It was about losing weight back then. A group was planning to lose weight and as extra motivation we made a jackpot. The winner would cash out the money from it.

Something that is useful for someone with a problem with motivation: a person who is pushing you to do your things. A person who is there to help you do things. This person can be a real help for when you can't do the things yourself. A personal coach, but now for your motivation. Athletes have coaches, so why can't someone have a coach who helps you with your lack of motivation? The first person who comes to my mind is Dutch positivity guru Emile Ratelband. He had a catchphrase: "Tsjakka!"

Motivating yourself to do things can be tricky. Especially when it is something new you are starting with. I as a writer have these issues often. Motivating myself to write a story or a blog. Two minutes ago before writing this paragraph I had the same issue. How do I start and what should I write about? And voilà! Just let your thoughts run freely and you will reach it. Your motivation will get fed automatically and you are set to go. This method could also be used for other things. In any way of life it is applicable. Just do it.

The funny thing about motivating yourself is: when you finally start doing the things you delayed, you notice that it might even be fun to do. I know because I have experience in it personally. The trick to start motivating yourself is to think about the pleasure you will have when doing it, or when finished doing it. If you keep telling yourself that it is simple and a joy it will become easy. Your thoughts are stronger when focusing on something positive.

If you align your feelings with your "why" you can see that it will be easier to achieve your goal. Your feelings tell you a lot when you listen to them with attention. This will give you more positive intentions to encourage yourself.

If you feel good about something, you will find a reason to do things for which you have found your motivation. It's just a matter of finding your WHY and you're set. Listen to your inner guidance. It will guide you to your goal.

There is no lack of motivation, just a lack of why.




KiranKiran is 28 years old and crazy. On the age of 17 he found out that he had a fun fantasy and has used it ever since to create his stories. He's always in a good mood and loves to be around people who are happy. He's an inspiration because of his humor and positive attitude. He goes through life with a relaxt quote "All is well."

"When you believe in your inner strength, you will be able to do anything."

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