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Who does not have them? Dreams and ambitions. Everyone has had something he or she wanted to achieve in their lives one time. Often one has the ambitions, but nothing or little is being done with it. For instance, someone who wants to do something in music, but eventually works in the office on something he or she does not like. The own pursuit is destroyed because of a social or personal pressure.

A while ago I saw an Indian movie in which something like this occurred. A few guys were on a technical school, but none of them actually wanted to do something technically. They had other ambitions, yet were forced by others to do something else. This is an example from a movie, but in reality this is also the case with a lot of people.

Starting when we are young, ambitions are constructed within a person. As time goes by, these get adjusted and can take a different direction. For instance, because of the input of others or change of interest of the regarding person. Ambitions are there. Now it's time for their realization.

How often do you not see that someone at a young age wants to do for example something in sports or something artistic and likes it, but cannot because others decide it does not suit them? Parents and family for example want their kid to become a doctor, lawyer or something else. The parents decide what the child should do. Does the child not have his or her own say in it? Does he have to do everything without any thought and not create an own personality for the rest of his or her life?

We also live in a world where the other decides what you should do. Man has a free will, but cannot always express it. Starting when we are little we are forced to do things we do not like. At high school you are forced to follow certain courses which are not useful in the future or with which you will not do anything later in life. As an adult you are forced to work for a boss and are forced to do thing for him every time. Where is the free will? You cannot do your own thing. The chance to develop yourself is limited.

How often are we not inhibited to realize our ambitions? People who hold you back to achieve your goals because of jealousy, aversion or just because they want something that is in their advantage. What you want is less important to them than the greater good for the rest. Sadly, that is how it often works.

Everyone has had such a moment in his or her life where a pursuit was not achieved in one way or another. Many think that when something does not work the first time, it will keep going that way. When you keep working with that negative thought there is a big chance that it will keep going that way. A simple example is getting your driver’s license. Some people may not get it in one try, but because of pushing through they eventually get the pink pass. This is because of perseverance. Where there is a will, there is a way.

In contrast to the existing limitations for developing yourself and achieving your ambition, there is also the possibility to not be concerned about it. This is the best thing to do. Everyone can say things to make your dreams and ambitions look smaller. When you do not care much about it, there is a good chance that you will achieve your goals a bit faster.

There are also cases where a person is completely stimulated by his or her environment in achieving their ambitions and dreams. Because these people show their support to this person, the chance to succeed is a bit higher as well than in the cases where there is no such support. The mindset of the ambitious is in a good direction from the start because of the availability of this support. Actually everyone should support each other in making believe the ambitions can be achieved. This makes sure that everyone can be successful in every area the interest goes to.

Everything is possible as long as you believe in your ideas and yourself. Everything you want to achieve, starts with a thought and that thought leads to the realization of your ambition.


Translated by: Ravindra Ramnares



KiranKiran is 28 years old and crazy. On the age of 17 he found out that he had a fun fantasy and has used it ever since to create his stories. He's always in a good mood and loves to be around people who are happy. He's an inspiration because of his humor and positive attitude. He goes through life with a relaxt quote "All is well."

"When you believe in your inner strength, you will be able to do anything."

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