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In The Heat of The Moment

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Lifestyle & Philosophy

Often we find ourselves in the heat of the moment. Crucial points which don't seem to be crucial, only after we've past them.

In the heat of the moment we find ourselves the most motivated to do what needs to be done or what we want to do. The chances to succeed often are the highest at this moment. Yet we tend to let that moment slip away far too often.

My advice is: when that heat of the moment occurs, don't let it slip away. Chances lost are chances lost forever. Second chances exist, but they are never truly the same chances. This means they are rare and you shouldn't waste them. We can't turn back and each choice you make will drive you into a different direction, even if these choices seem to be small in the start, the ending could be very different.

When you get a great idea, dream, wish, don't wait for it too long, cause your heat will cool down and so the motivation and chance to achieve it.

As Nike says: Just do it.

So many people I've spoken, so many people have great ideas which could also make them great. Yet most people won't actually act on it. Why not you would ask... Well time to wonder why?

We've all got potential and if you can maximize your abilities and believe in yourself, your life will be more satisfying and you will live a richer life. I'm not talking about materialism, but the sense of having purpose in this life. We all need a goal. It may be a simple one, yet it may also be complex, but any person has the urge to become better. We are a developing kind of creature we strive to get further than the ones before us. We have the brains, we have the ideas, and we have the potential to succeed. Before we do that we have to plant that seed of success and it is this seed of success that needs a lot of care. If you put enough effort in it and use the right fertilizer, you will see the great effort which you sow, which will also be what you reap.


In The Heat of The Moment



RavenRaven is 27 years old. At the age of 26 he started several projects under the name of his company Sky Enterprises. He thought it was time in this time of darkness to give the people a source of enlightment, motivation and inspiration.

Besides leading the projects, Raven also writes blogs himself, usually about life: "Ever since I was little I was a busy thinker about life, with deep philosophical thoughts. It's fun to see how your way of thinking changes over time, to go about it consciously."

"My goal is to make people aware about how they live and to stimulate them to enrich themselves and further develop themselves."

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Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.

Groots werk wordt niet gepresteerd door kracht, maar door volharding.

Dr. Samuel Johnson