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The Beauty of The Inner Self

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Lifestyle & Philosophy

At times in life we find ourselves lost. Lost at what to do, lost at where to go, lost in ourselves. We meet demons, also often mixed up feelings which we try to fight. Demons within, sometimes feeling cursed. We and we alone have the power to fight those demons. Return to the source to gain this. Return to balance your life with your soul, synchronise and you will find inner peace.

Time after time there is only one place I and everyone can always go.. return to the inner self. My immortal soul, which transcends time and space. It contains my former wisdom, my former emotions, contains everything that ever was and form the building blocks for what I will ever be, yet we can form it (read on!). It is evergrowing, universal and has a potential to become anything. Rich as a person, neverending resources are found there. Everything I need to find my way with is there. Sanity, compassion, love, wisdom, excellence and at the same time humbleness. This is a gateway to a universal library through which we all are connected. Whatever you will search you will find there. We all are energeticly related. Not only humans, but everything which exists, all that is. We tend to ignore that in life, only focussing on ourselves. Sometimes we focus on animals too, finding a bond, understanding but often not realising that they too are part of the same stream of energy. Seldom, as monks often do, we focus on everything when at the same time it becomes so very similar to nothing. It becomes out of balance. If you do not connect you can also not feel it. One who understands this is wise indeed. We tend to focus too much on one aspect in life, forgetting the greater picture. We tend to live in boxes, not even trying to understand what is more, what drives us, just accepting everything. Contrasts are like a negative picture. Make a photocopy and you can also understand the underlying flow, but will you? Appreciate the building blocks of happiness, the little things, appreciation, a key to happiness.

Arriving at the soul.. Light will always shine there. It is warm there, it is safe there, it is my home, it is omnipresent. It is divine. It can block pain and at the same time heal it. It can repair your soul, being capable of love once more. It can teach you how to forgive and make you stronger each day as a person, finding out that which you see as a weakness could very well be your strength. Yet seeing it as a weakness, makes it your weakness. Make no mistake, you can also abuse your soul. As a knife cuts two ways, you can shine your energy, when tapped in from the unlimited source in you, it can shine forever. We often tend to do the opposite, absorb the energies of others. Becoming a black hole.

We can borrow this energy from others, but only temporarely.. it can corrupt you if you do so, sometimes heal you for a bit, but it will always confront you with yourself. You can not escape the confrontation that life will always show you. You simply have to deal with who you are, before you can think about who you can be and will be. But do not forget, you have potential, you hold the answer. In the end if you can not find the answers within yourself, you will keep searching until you find it, and only there you will find what you seek. No other contains your answers. You as a unique person, at the same time one part of the great stream of ongoing energy. Answers are found in ourselves, magnificent gateways through time and space. We are all time travellers in our own way.. On crossroads our energies sync and sometimes become out of sync. Energy does not fade, it does not disappear. It changes form, but simultaneously comes from the same elements.

Your soul contains your past energies and this you can form and at the same time it will form you. How close do you live with yourself? Sometimes you need courage, but do not be afraid of what you will find, positive energy you will find.. if you allow it.

The Beauty of The Inner Self



RavenRaven is 27 years old. At the age of 26 he started several projects under the name of his company Sky Enterprises. He thought it was time in this time of darkness to give the people a source of enlightment, motivation and inspiration.

Besides leading the projects, Raven also writes blogs himself, usually about life: "Ever since I was little I was a busy thinker about life, with deep philosophical thoughts. It's fun to see how your way of thinking changes over time, to go about it consciously."

"My goal is to make people aware about how they live and to stimulate them to enrich themselves and further develop themselves."

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