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Appreciation? Secret to Happiness...

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Lifestyle & Philosophy

Taking things and people for granted, means you don not appreciate them. The less you appreciate, the more it will move away from you and eventually lose it. The more you appreciate, the more you will get in return. Nothing in life should be taken for granted. If we appreciate every little thing, even the bad things (or so it may have seemed at the first look) we will also find happiness in every little thing. The secret of finding happiness lies in this. Appreciate yourself, appreciate life. Love yourself and love life. This is the true path to happiness. Everything else will come naturally. The world reacts to your heart, it resonates to it is beating. It is this same resonance that is called karma. It is the same thing as saying you send vibes into the world which is responded to by vibes being send back at you. It is the same as the law of attraction, what you give is what you get.

Appreciate yourself, respect yourself, love yourself. You will be happier each minute you decide to live this way. You can't decide the actions of others, but you can decide your own actions. Stop trying to live by others, on others, of others and start true living by finding and using your own strength and your own way.

True happiness always starts within ourselves.

Appreciation? Secret to happiness..



RavenRaven is 27 years old. At the age of 26 he started several projects under the name of his company Sky Enterprises. He thought it was time in this time of darkness to give the people a source of enlightment, motivation and inspiration.

Besides leading the projects, Raven also writes blogs himself, usually about life: "Ever since I was little I was a busy thinker about life, with deep philosophical thoughts. It's fun to see how your way of thinking changes over time, to go about it consciously."

"My goal is to make people aware about how they live and to stimulate them to enrich themselves and further develop themselves."

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